wild animals

Clark’s Fish Camp

Where in the world?  Jacksonville, Florida. In the oh so warm, January “winter”  : )

Being one of the largest private collections of taxidermy in the US, dining at Clark’s guarantees a wild experience. Literally. The restaurant is teeming with large bodies of stuffed, wild animals. Name any animal, it’s probably hanging out at Clark’s. Well, no dinosaurs or anything too crazy, but you get my point. They’ve got lions, tigers, zebras, giraffes, rhinos, fish, I could go on… And they are all over the place, so that no matter where you happen to be seated, you’ll have a great view of some incredible taxidermied animals sitting right in front of you (more likely above you). I was astounded at the variety of animals represented at Clark’s, both on the walls, and on the menu.

Their menu is a blend of seafood & cajun, and has your typical seafood dishes, but it also includes some rather unorthodox options as well, like alligator, ostrich, kangaroo, buffalo, turtle.  Whatever’s your cup of tea, they probably have it. Clarks Fish Camp was such a unique, worthwhile, and delicious place for dinner, that we ended up going back a second time when my dad was able to join us. One word of advice: Come hungry.

I ordered the Pointee Coupee Etoufee, a cajun dish laden with meaty hunks of crawfish with shrimp in an AMAZING sauce lying on top of the most flavorful rice I’ve tasted in this country. The second visit, I ordered the Shrab Pasta, basically a shrimp & crab dish with white sauce and angel hair noodles. Both meals were positively delicious, massive portions. The pasta was so much better than I had anticipated. I was very pleasantly surprised with Clark’s overall. Initially, I thought it would be a trashy, hillbilly kind of thing (not really for me), but it was not at all. The atmosphere was very well done- something that I imagine might present a challenge when decorating with animal corpses.

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Also, if you’re into trying out different, local brews, I loved the Intuition i-10 IPA, by  Intuition Ale Works, a Jacksonville brewery. But perhaps I’m the only IPA lover left on this earth…