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Union Cafe

Among my favorite off-campus places to dine while letting my hangover diminish is a trendy cafe calledĀ Union, locatedĀ on High Street in the Short North. Their Sunday brunch situation is great. Most people get the breakfast buffet, which I certainly enjoyed. Involving everything from a waffle man (the guy was a beginner and burnt a few, not to mention the line I waited in for my waffle…kind of lame) who made me a really scrumptious chocolate-peanut butter crunchy, warm waffle, and really fresh fruit salad that was not loaded with just cantaloupe and honeydew, but rather the good stuff like pineapple, mango (or peach?), and strawberries. The omelet man was efficient and had about 40 different toppings. But best of all, they have a bloody mary bar & mimosas. For cheap. Treatchyoself.



Union Cafe – Columbus, Ohio

Eddie George’s Grille


If you are ever in Columbus near The Ohio State campus area, I know of a lot of places that you should steer clear of. Eddie George’s Grill is not one of them. The atmosphere caters to every sports fan’s wants and needs. There are TVs galore playing just about every game. On football game days, the place is packed, which is actually quite fun, and I don’t even like football. Even if you are not huge into sports, they have very good food for a reasonable price. Their black bean burger is one of the better ones I’ve ordered. The bun, not so much. They also have amazing pizza. You might even be able to snap a sniper photo of Urban & the team (if you’re as stealth as I am).
However, the real reason I love Eddie’s is because of their patio (shocker) and beer selection. They have an glorious patio for day drinking. And their happy hours include a variety of different, quality brews for a good deal. My friend and I would plant ourselves here too many weekdays during spring semester – basked in the sun, had a beer, or three, and “studied for finals”.

I’ll admit, there are loads of better restaurants in the downtown area & Short North, but if you are planted on campus for the day, Eddies is definitely a good choice.
Also, rumor has it, the mens bathroom has a creepy little mirror that looks out into the bar too, so there’s that awkward bit of information.

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