nice restaurant

Ruth’s Chris

Who – Mi familia
What – Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse
Where – Louisville, Kentucky
When – Early summer of 2012
Why – In celebration of my dear old brother’s college graduation

Ruth’s Chris is a very nice restaurant, but I am a vegetarian and thus I cannot really appreciate what everyone raves about this place for – their steak. We had great wine. We had great food. But if I’m completely honest, I don’t even remember what I ordered. So it must not have been that impressive. Everyone else at the table ordered steaks, and were oohing and ahhing over them, so I’ll take that to mean they were satisfied. But I personally didn’t think anything extraordinary of my meal. It was probably top notch, I’m sure.
What I was more excited about was the gorgeous view. At the top of the building, right outside the dining area, you are able to walk around outside on the deck. We were able to watch a beautiful sunset from up here. That is what I liked best about our dinner here. And, in my opinion, that is something worthwhile.


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