Modern Japanese Sushi Bar & Fish Market


Any self-described Modern Japanese Sushi Bar & Fish Market is a place I want to be. Hiko-a-Mon may be confusing to pronounce, but there is nothing confusing about the deliciousness that you are sure to taste here. The dining room is very modern, with a chic wine wall and a bright fish tank. It is an unexpected delight that is nestled in the trendy & thriving Westport Village area. I always have really genuinely nice, smiley servers (probably because they get sushi whenever they want… I’d be grinning like an idiot too).

I insisted that we go here for dinner over the weekend with my parents. Mom dislikes the idea of sushi, but went along when I informed her that they have steak too. Dad & I ordered two sushi rolls to split- the Fire Dragon Roll and the Holiday roll. We each ordered side salads with that crack-infused ginger dressing (you know the one). Everyone was satisfied.

Hiko-A-Mon’s website
Louisville, Kentucky

Note: They have a very worthy happy hour.