Overnight Layover – Barcelona Airport


Not to be dramatic, but I thought I was going to die this night.
It started off alright. We stopped and got some food, a bottle of wine at a restaurant in the airport. Lounged for a while. Then hours later, we got drowsy. It got cold. I couldn’t get comfortable. It was miserable. At one point we tried to sleep in the McDonalds’ soft booths, but they kicked us out (at least I think they did-he was speaking Spanish and I was basically still asleep/didn’t know what he was saying). It was horrid.
Moral of the story: Don’t book a flight with an overnight layover, unless it’s long enough to stay in town and frolic (which I wish we did, since I’ve never been to Barcelonaa).


NYC Picnic

IMG_8907IMG_8948 IMG_8929

Lunch for 3 bucks? In New York City? I’ll allow it.

I accidentally booked a flight to Dublin that had a very long 12 hour layover at the Newark airport (which is just across the river from NYC). The flight itself was not accidental. Just the layover. Oops. Realizing this at the very last minute, I decided this was a perfect time to visit the big apple. So I took the train from the airport into the city. Googled a place to leave my luggage for the day. And set off into the concrete jungle. I brought a cliff bar with me for sustenance, but this did not prove to be sufficient- no surprise there. Walking around in riding boots for a solid 7 hours is a little exhausting. Being the stingy collegiate that I am, I refused to spend my money on any of the over priced lunch places I passed by. I encountered this nice man selling fruit on the street (& many others like him). My initial reaction? How grotesque. Street fruit? But, it all looked delicious and was pretty cheap. So I bought some, and headed for Central Park. After scoping out a good spot, I plopped down on a hefty warm slab of rock, engorged the many fruits I purchased, and took a long nap in the summer sun. Not too shabby.