St. Augustine

Mother & me (and my 16 month old precious little niece!!) were lured into Pizzalley’s by their free sample handouts of pizza. We tried a sample and knew that we would be back for lunch. I ordered a delicious award winning (allegedlyVenetian Bruschetta pizza. Not my favorite, if we’re talking crust- too fluffy for my liking. I’m a crispy thin kind of lady. However, everything on the pizza was fresh and delicious. I’d certainly recommend it. They have glorious breadsticks smothered with heaps of garlic crumbles also, if you are a carb lover like myself. So delicious. We ate outside on their back patio, which did not have the most breathtaking view – a gravel parking lot. But it was nice sunny weather outside, so I was content, because back home we were getting feet (PLURAL) of snow.

Pizzalley’s website
St. Augustine, Florida

If you’re on the fence about visiting this area, St. Augustine is a great and you most definitely should go. There are tons of cute shops (I don’t even like shopping, but I enjoyed them), restaurants, bars, etc. Not to mention all the warm weather, and of course, the history (our nations oldest city according to the trusty internet, founded in 1565). The area was settled by the Spanish wayy long ago and it is a fascinating place, but I am biased due to my obsession with Spain-related everything. We never got to the beach in this area, which I regret, but when baby says she’s tired, it’s law.