Katalina’s Cafe


Located on a quaint, quiet street in Victorian village, Katalina’s Cafe first caught my eye via a friends instagram post. When I saw the caption “Nutella Pancake Balls” my heart nearly stopped. Nutella. Pancake. Balls. Gasp. I must find the place they call Katalina’s, said I.

So, on a fresh, beautiful day- one of the first real spring days upon the expiration of the imprisonment that is a Columbus winter, a pal and I set out to Katalina’s. The adorably decorated interior had us nudging each other with expressions that said “we’re in for a treat”.  And we absolutely were.

Needless to say, I ordered the pancake balls Nutella style, although I could’ve had my choice of other flavors. Despite the fact that I typically don’t like sweet things for breakfast, I am a nutella fiend, so I definitely loved these bad boys. The order comes with six, very rich, pancake balls, & is something I would order to split with a group next time.

My brunch companion ordered the Chorizo Mac & Cheese, and in her words, it was “the best ever”.  Make of that what you will.

I’ll also add that we ventured back to Katalina’s at a later date, where I ordered the breakfast tacos (sans chorizo for myself). They were were almost perfect. My only sadness was that the corn tortillas got soggy on me because I eat all food at a glacial pace. I did have somewhat of a mess on my hands. Literally.

Overall, our experience here was great. But, for me, any restaurant with beautiful, outdoor seating gets my vote.




Nutella Pancake Balls. Need I say more?



Double espresso, a chocolate croissant & summer patio seating. Heavenly.

It took me forever to figure out where this place was. After staring at google maps for a decade and retracing my steps from 6 months ago, I found it. Named Toast & located on S. Molton Street (the diagonal one), this was my favorite cafe in London. Yet another gentlemanly citizen, the likes of which you only meet in Britain, sat beside me and we chatted for an hour or so over coffee. I swear traveling alone makes you 100 times more approachable to random people. It’s wonderful.

Sacred Cafe



Sacred Cafe on Carnaby Street & Ganton, right here, is the coffee shop where I had my first cappuccino. I did not like my cappuccino. But I don’t think I would like any other cappuccino either. I think I am more of an espresso/coffee black/whiskey neat type of person. But I enjoyed my time at the Sacred Cafe. It is a very nice cafe with a dark, rich mahogany styled interior (not that I know a thing about interior design), giving off a warm and inviting vibe. A perfectly welcoming cafe in contrast to the rather chilly London gloom.  There is a lower level lounge as well, where a business meeting was taking place, and others lounged, meeting with friends. Despite the cold, uninviting weather, I sat out in the patio area, got some fresh air, and stirred my cappuccino. I do have an obsession with patio seating.

I definitely liked this cafe. In retrospect, I wish I would have sat inside because it seemed cozy, and I could have probably made a friend or two. I was the only person odd enough to sit outside in the cold. But that’s typical me.