More About Monica

We don’t know each other very well yet, so I figured I’d compile a list of things about myself so you can see what I’m like & why I write

  • My crossword puzzle infatuation knows no bounds
  • The Willow Smith whip my hair is my go to dance move
  • I enjoy hearing ghost stories more than the average gal
  • I’m an awful story teller (verbally)
  • …But, I write like a boss
  • I’m all about Disco
  • Hot or cold, I’m sweating profusely
  • Languages are fun
  • Foreigners are my favorite people to converse with
  • Maps of any sort fascinate me- ski trail maps, antique maps, fantasy maps in books, travel atlas’s, panoramic maps, globes, amusement park maps, maps of the stars, all of ’em.
  • I secretly enjoy public speaking, but it makes me super nervous
  • Lavender is a nice smell
  • I dig stargazing

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