If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough

I am generally terrified at some point during the planning of a trip.

Usually when plans actually start becoming concrete, and not just potential (commitment issues). My delusional self starts thinking thoughts.

What if I get ‘taken?’ My dad is not Liam Neeson, and my self defense skills can best be described as feeble.

I get past this fear of being trafficked, and move on to other potential disasters. Hostels? I’ve heard some things- horror stories, if you will. I’d rather avoid grotesque individuals hovering above my bed whilst I sleep. Thanks though.

And what about pickpocketing.
And language barriers.
And the most frightening of all, luggage limitations (…& fees)!
Perhaps… I should just stay here… where it’s comfortable… and ‘murica.

Taking a trip to a foreign land takes some courage. Especially a solo adventure.

What makes it all worth it?

Aside from the sight seeing, interacting with locals, delving into a foreign language, navigating uncharted territory, experiencing new methods of transportation, how have I not mentioned photo-taking yet, using different coins and bills and currencies, drooling over the beautiful landscapes of new countries-aside from all this, the most celebrated element of travel in my world is food.

With each new destination, an array of culinary surprises await me. It is not simply about the food itself (though so much of it is, no doubt). Other things are involved on the food spectrum. The restaurant atmosphere. Fellow diners. Smells. The patio. Your barstool. Eating utensils. Music. Table and chair (or church pew). Food presentation. Condiments. Your waiter. The neighborhood. Leftovers. The physical menu & its contents.

These things, along with the actual mouth-watering, mass of cuisine that you delightfully sink your teeth into after an exhausting, unforgettable day of wandering new territory, (or with the prospect of such, ahead), are the most wonderful parts of travel that can all be bundled up into one word. Food. One of the very reasons I do enjoy traveling so much. And that is precisely what I write about here. Food & Travel. I’ll try and keep it to that, but I’m not making any promises.

I am here to exchange my culinary experiences from my travels and I hope you enjoy!


Approaching a low point – Very long, overnight layover at the Barcelona airport

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  1. Enjoy your travels and stay safe. I look forward to following your blog. All my best wishes for your continued success.

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