Tapas Bars of Mallorca

Our hostel in Mallorca (Hostal Apuntadores) was located in a street/alley that was overflowing with the most interesting tapas bars. It couldn’t have been more convenient. In the evening this area is so alive with activity- wonderful music, great smelling food, tanned vacationers smiling and laughing. Mostly tourists I’m sure, but it is such a fun atmosphere, and there are tapas bars and restaurants galore, I think it would be a shame to avoid this area. We had a hard time choosing where to eat, but it was nice just walking around scoping all the places out. During our stay on the island, we went to a few noteworthy bars/restaurants right in this area.

Restaurante La Cueva – My favorite tapas bar in Mallorca. You step down into this den-like atmosphere. It had a lively, yet intimate atmosphere. We sat at the bar. Ordered a few items. What did we order? The best seafood I’ve ever in my life tasted. An octopus, shrimp, and meat dish. I didn’t taste any of the meat dish, but it looked great. The shrimp were still sizzling when they reached us, and were so incredibly flavorful. The octopus, though, was my favorite by far. I think it was for both of us. The flavors with this, too, were unreal. Also, we ordered wine. Never forget the wine. I will go back to Mallorca. And when I do, I’m stopping back here for sure.


2013-05-28 22.58.33

El Cuerno – Stopped here for drinks. And thank god we did. This is the home of the worlds greatest sangria. I literally think about the sangria we drank here on a regular basis. White wine sangria, with lemons, and who knows what else. We both loved it. Like, we were floored. I was tempted to go back while I was waiting for my friend to deal with a business call just before we left Mallorca for good. I regret my decision not to.


Bar Cafe Coto – We had dinner here and sat outside on their large patio area, which had beautiful lighting and a great atmosphere. Our food was delicious. I ordered a vegetarian lasagna, with a white sauce and second to the restaurante la cueva, it was the best meal I had in Mallorca. The bruschetta we ordered was marvelous. Everything.

Lastly, a tapas bar right next to our hostel, but we only stopped here for a drink, and by this time I was knee deep in sangria, not paying attention to the restaurant name, like a true vacationer.



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